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10+ Technologies

  • Installation of JDK 9
    Compilation & Execution of JAVA
    Class variable & method
    Datatype & Operator
    Package, loops,Conditional Statement
    Auto boxing and Unboxing
    Java Array
    Constructor in Java
    Garbage Collection
    Nested Classes
    String Handling
    Exception Handling
    Java I/O Stream
    Collection Framework & Legacy Classes
    Java Networking
    MYSQL database
    JDBC Query
    Event Handling
    Java Mail API
    Robot Classes
    Barcode QR code & PDF code
    Text to Speech API
    Webcam Integration
    Voice Recorder
    Gmail Messenger.
    Project Work

  • Introduction to J2EE
    MVC architecture
    Servlet API
    Java Servlets
    Servlet life cycle
    Generic and HTTP servlet
    Using JDBC in servlet
    Cookies & Session Management

    Java server Pages ( JSP )
    JSP Life cycle
    JSP Architecture
    Directives & Declaration
    Scriptlets, Expression
    Developing Dynamic Webpages
    Using HTML with JSP Pages
    Mixing Scriptlets & HTML
    Transactions Using JSP
    Cookies & Session Management

    Java Beans
    Java Beans Basics
    Java Beans API
    Enterprises Java Beans
    EJB Architecture
    Messaging In EJB
    Introduction to ORM
    Hibernate Basics
    Mapping Files and POJO’S
    Working on Hibernate
    Use of Hibernate in a Project

    Struts Architecture
    Struts Components
    Validation Framework
    Error Handling
    Data Base Connectivity
    Project Work
    Unit Testing
  • installation of Android Studio
    Basics of Android
    UI Widgets
    Activity, Intent & Fragment
    Android Menu
    Layout Manager
    View & Canvas Graphics
    Android Service
    Data Storage
    XML & JSON
    Content Provider
    Android Notification
    Live Wallpaper
    Multimedia API
    Playing & Creating Audio Player
    Playing Video & Alarm Manager
    Speech API &Telephony API
    Location API
    Working with Google Maps
    Device Connectivity
    Android Graphics
    Android P2P Communication
    Android Web Services
    Android Google Map
    Project Development
    Testing & Publishing
    Handling Google App Store
    Gaming Application using 2d Graphics
  • Introduction To IPhone Development And Xcode
    Primitive Variable Int,Char,Float,Double
    NSString , NSMutableString.
    NSArray, NSMutableArray
    NSDate, NSDateComponent,NSDateFormatter
    NSTimer, NSNumber
    Setter & Getter
    Property, Synthesised
    Method Calling
    Xcode With First Demo
    Switch, Button,TextView, Label
    Basic Controls
    Tab Bar Controller
    Navigation Controller
    Address Book
    Photo Gallery
    Mail Composer
    Message Composer
    Open Safari +Calling
    JSON Parsing
    Mouse Handling
    Facebook Integration
    Twitter Integration
  • HTML Basics

    HTML-elements- basic tags, attributes, formatting, entities, links, frames, Tables, list, forms-post and get method, form elements, tables, Images, background colors, color values, color names.
    Designing Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
    • CSS – Introduction, syntax, background, text, font, border, outline, margin, Padding, list, tables, Positioning, pseudo class, pseudo element, image Gallery.
    • Web Page Designing Using HTML Editor

    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Introducing variables and literals, objects
    • JavaScript and the web browser
    • Introduction to event handlers
    • The document object, Images, Links, Forms
    • Cascading Style Sheets, Dynamic Style Sheets, Positioning, Document Object Model.
    PHP and MySQL

    • Installation, customization, syntax
    • Variables, string, operators,
    • If-else, switch, Arrays
    • Looping, function, forms
    • $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST
    • File Handling
    • File Uploads
    • Sending emails from PHP
    • Sessions, Cookies
    • Installation, customization, Database Structure
    • Introduction to SQL and MySql
    • Principles of database programming from PHP
    • Creating tables, Adding and changing information
    • Retrieving information from a table and reporting it to a web page
    • Deleting tables, PHP ODBC
    • Database Connectivity
    • OOPS Concepts
    Advanced PHP

    • XML
    • AJAX
    • Web Services
    • Security
    • MVC
    • WordPress

  • 1. Introduction and Overview
    2. Install and Setup Python and Pycharm IDE
    3. Variable Types and Input
    4. Basic Operators
    5. Decision Making
    6. Loops and Date & Time
    7. Numbers and Strings
    8. Lists,Tuples and Dictionary
    9. Built-in Functions,User Defined Functions and Built-In Modules
    10. File I/O
    11. Managing Directories
    11. Exception handling
    12. python Slice and Slicing

    Advance Python
    1. GUI Programming
    2. Sending Emails
    3. Reg Expression

    OOpsin Python

    1. Classes and Self
    2. Class Constructor(__init__)and Destructor
    3. Inheritance its TYpes and Polymorphism

    1. MySql Introduction
    2. Install MySql Connector for python
    3. Curd(Create,Update,Read,Delete) Opearations in MySql
    4. Basic functions
    Advance MySql
    1. All Types of Joins
    2. Wildcards
    3. Triggers
    4. Union
    5. Stored Procedure
    7. Indexes

    Basics Of Web Development
    1. Html,Html5,Css and Css3
    2. javascript
    3. Client Side Vlidation using javascript
    4. Jquery
    5. Slider Creation using Javascript and Jquery
    6. Animations and moving Objects using Jquery

    Advance Web Development using Framework DJANGO
    1. Django Installation
    2. Introduction and Overview
    3. Project Creation
    4. Http Request and Response
    5. Url Mapping
    6. Life Cycle
    7. Creating View
    8. Models
    9. File Uploading
    10.Server Side Validations
    11.Sessions and Cookies
    12.Template Impelentation
    13.Online Project Start
    14.Domain Puchase and eb Space Purchase
    15.Deployment of Project

  • OFF Page Optimisation
    1.profile submission
    2.image submission
    3.video submission
    4.business listing
    5.forum submission
    6.article submission
    7.blog submission
    8.directory submission
    9. ppt submission
    10.pdf submission
    11. classified submission

    On Page Optimisation
    1. keyword and keyword research
    2.meta title,meta keyword and meta description optimisation
    3. heading tag optimisation
    4. image optimisation
    5.alt text optimisation
    6. anchor tag optmisation
    7. internal link building
    8.domain/page authority check
    9.website audit
    10.url renaming/rewriting
    11.google sitemap creation
    l2. robot file optimisation
    13. canonical tag optimisation

    Google Analytics
    1.What is google analytics
    2.features of google analytics
    3.Traffic sources
    4.conversion tracking
    5.real time data
    6.Google webmaster tools
    7.What is webmaster tools
    8.Site working on google webmaster
    9.Managing and monitor your site

    1.Types of social media
    2.Making account on facebook,twitter,linked in ,instagram
    3.Managing posts,articles
    4.Ads on different social media platforms, integrating social media with website
    5.Video marketing
    6.Slideshare,pinterest marketing
    7. Email marketing
    8. mobile advertising

  • Node
    1.What is Node.js
    2.Node.js Features
    3.Install Node.js Windows
    4.Install Node.js Linux
    5.Node.js First Example
    6.Node.js Console
    7.Node.js REPL
    8.Node.js NPM
    9.Node.js CL Options
    10.Node.js Globals
    11.Node.js OS
    12.Node.js Timer
    13.Node.js Errors
    14.Node.js DNS
    15.Node.js Net
    16.Node.js Crypto
    17.Node.js TLS/SSL
    18.Node.js Debugger
    19.Node.js Process
    20.Node.js Child Process
    21.Node.js Buffers
    22.Node.js Streams
    23.Node.js File System
    24.Node.js Path
    25.Node.js StringDecoder
    26.Node.js Query String
    27.Node.js ZLIB
    28.Node.js Assertion
    29.Node.js V8
    30.Node.js Callbacks
    31.Node.js Events
    32.Node.js Punycode
    33.Node.js TTY
    34.Node.js Web Modules

    Node.js MySQL
    1.MySQL Create Connection
    2.MySQL Create Database
    3.MySQL Create Table
    4.MySQL Insert Record
    5.MySQL Delete Record
    6.MySQL Select Record
    7.MySQL Select Unique
    8.MySQL Drop Table

    Node.js MongoDB
    1.Create Connection
    2.Create Database
    3.Create Collection
    4.MongoDB Insert
    5.MongoDB Select
    6.MongoDB Query
    7.MongoDB Sorting
    8.MongoDB Remove

    1.Node.js vs AngularJS
    2.Node.js vs Python
    3.Node.js vs PHP
    4.Node.js vs Java

    Node.js Express
    1.Express.js Tutorial
    2.What is Express.js
    3.Install Express.js
    4.Express.js Request
    5.Express.js Responsev 6.Express.js Get
    7.Express.js Post
    8.Express.js Routing
    9.Express.js Cookies
    10.Express.js File Upload
    11.Express.js Middleware
    12.Express.js Scaffolding
    13.Express.js Template

  • AngularJS
    1.AngularJS Tutorial
    2.What is AngularJS
    3.AngularJS MVC
    4.AngularJS First App
    5.AngularJS Data Binding
    6.AngularJS Expressions
    7.AngularJS Directives
    8.AngularJS Controllers
    9.AngularJS Modules
    10.AngularJS Scopes
    11.AngularJS Dependency
    12.AngularJS Filters
    13.AngularJS Tables
    14.AngularJS Select
    15.AngularJS DOM
    16.AngularJS Forms
    17.AngularJS Validation
    18.AngularJS AJAX
    19.AngularJS Animation

  • MongoDB
    2.MongoDB History
    3.MongoDB Features
    4.No SQL Databases
    5.Advantages over RDBMS
    6.MongoDB Data Types
    7.Install MongoDB
    8.MongoDB Shell
    9.MongoDB Data Modeling

    1.Create Database
    2.Drop Database

    1.Create Collection
    2.Drop Collection

    CRUD: Documents
    1.Insert Documents
    2.Update Documents
    3.Delete Documents
    4.Query Documents

    1.MongoDB limit()
    2.MongoDB sort()

    1.Cassandra vs MongoDB
    2.Couchdb vs MongoDB
    3.Redis vs MongoDB

    1.Java MongoDB
    2.PHP MongoDB
    3.Python MongoDB
    4.Node.js MongoDB

  • Flutter
    Dart Basics:
    Variable, Function,Class
    Exception Handling
    Data Structure : Collection
    File Handling
    Mysql Database with Dart

    Lets Flurt with Flutter:

    1.Introduction To Flutter
    a.How to Install Flutter on Android Studio.
    b.First Flutter Application.

    2.Flutter States
    a.StatelessWidget Class.
    b.StatefullWidget Class.

    a.Container Widget.
    b.Row & Column Widget.
    c.Basic List Widget.
    d.List Widget (Array of List).

    4.AppBar & TabBar Widget
    a.Basic : Create AppBar & It's Basic Properties.
    b.AppBar Leading & Actions[].
    c.Tabbar : Top & Bottom.

    5.Custom Widgets
    a.Custom Method Widget.
    b.Custom Class Widget

    6.Input & Selections Widgets.
    a.TextField Widget.
    b.Buttons Widget.
    c.CheckBox Widget.
    d.Radio Widget.
    e.Slider Widget.
    f.Switch Widget.

    7.Drawer Widget & Routes
    a.Simple Drawer Widgets.

    8.Notification Widgets
    b.Alert Dialog.
    c.Simple Dialog.

  • 1. Basics

    a. Supervised,unsupervised,reinforcement
    b. Bias-variance trade-off
    c. Overfitting, underfitting

    2. Gradient descent:-batch,stochastic

    3.Linear discriminant analysis (LDA)
    4.Principal Component Analysis(PCA)
    5.Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ)
    6.Regularization methods:- Ridge,LASSO
    7.Kernel smoothing methods
    8.Ensemble learning:-Bagging(bootstrap aggregation),boosting,stacking,blending
    9.Ordinary least squares
    10.Partial Least squares
    11.Kernel density Estimation
    12.Radial basis functions
    14.K-fold cross validation
    15.Generalized Additive Models (GAMs)
    16.Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines(MARS)
    17.Gradient boosting

    a. Word sense disambiguation
    b. Pronoun resolution
    c.Machine translation
    d. Tokenization
    e. Regular expressions
    f. Stemming
    g. Lemmatization

    19.Evaluation metrics

    a. Precision
    b. Recall
    c. Specificity
    d. Mean absolute percentage error
    e. Root mean square error


    Linear regression: Usually performed through OLS
    Logistic regression
    Naive Bayes
    K-Nearest Neighbors
    K means clustering
    Classification and regression trees(CARTs)
    Support vector machines
    Random forest
    Decision Trees
    C4.5, C5.0
    Hierarchical Clustering


    Curse of dimensionality
    No free lunch theorem
    Occams Razor
    22.Deep Learning

    Neural Networks
    Bayesian neural nets
    Deep Boltzmann Machine(DBM)
    Deep Belief Networks(DBN)
    Convolutional Neural Networks

    Hypothesis testing

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